Roof Cleaning in CT

Does your roof need a bath? If your roof has ugly “black stains” and ugly “black streaks” or “algae growing on your shingles” or slate, the answer is yes. Let us prove why our professional roof cleaning and commercial roof cleaning services are the best and most professional the area has to offer. Call 860-481-4448 for your free roof cleaning estimate.

The ever-changing climate in New London county, Middlesex county, Windham county, and Putham county, llows algae to grow on your roof, causing black roof stains, black streaking on roofs and moss to build up. Most people think discoloration and roof staining is a from pollution, dust, pollen or tree sap settling on your roof. If you have asphalt shingles, slate or some other synthetic stone on your roof, all types of shingles can be affected by roof stains and black streaking on your roof. This can be just a few black streaks on you roof or you could have a completely discolored roof. If you do not take the necessary preventative measure of having your roof washed by a “professional roof cleaning company”, the alga and black staining can drastically reduce the life of your shingles.