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Be Kind to Your Home:  Give it a Bath!

 Professional Exterior House Washing

Pressure washing not only leaves your home looking beautiful, it helps your roofing and paint last longer. We can expertly power wash your home, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, houses, pool decks, garage floors, RV pads, brick and concrete walls, graffiti removal, RV’s, and boats. We work closely with Property Management and Home Owners Associations to fit their requirements.

Our House Washing service is available for homes made of all different materials; vinyl, brick, stucco and wood. Each material requires a slightly different application technique. For example, vinyl and stucco require fairly low pressure and the most appropriate cleaning agents specific to them.  Unchecked high pressure (often times from your neighborhood handyman) can inflict costly damage to surfaces such as these. The video below is an example of how we will gently clean your home or property.

Vinyl siding and Stucco are two of the most common yet delicate siding types that  we beautify.  Dealing with such fragile materials requires the application of a process which industry professionals call “Softwashing.”  Softwashing is a combination of technniques that utilize cold water and very specific cleaning agents that combine to clean thoroughly and efficiently.  Which is much more appealing than letting just any type of home contractor put high pressure to your abode. The cleaning detergents that we use are applied between an approximate range of 600-800 psi, a pressure low enough that you can easily put your hand in front of it without harming you or anything else. Our cleaning agents contain surfactants and rinse aides similar to household dishwasher soap.  This combination also helps to clean your windows as well as your siding.   Algaecide is yet another ingredient that we use which is crucial to imeding the return of the yuck green algae that you often see around our region.

Commercial Services

Your business’ exterior is likely the first glimpse of your business that potential customers will see. We begin by cleaning the exterior of your building as well as the surrounding sidewalks so that your customers are met with the obvious care that you place in your place of business.  We offer power washing services for store fronts, drive thru’s, office buildings, graffiti removal, parking garages, gas stations, apartments, condominium communities, hotels, motels, restaurants (patios), awnings, and dumpster pads.

Our Secret Recipe for a Gentle yet Thorough Wash

Have you ever wondered how some professionals seem to utilize so much less effort compared to others while producing flawless results?

Pressurewash Indy uses industry-vetted methodology described above to clean your property’s exterior.  Our team specializes in soft washing your home’s exterior. The techniques that we use don’t have the drawbacks of using direct force pressure washing, so it protects your siding from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

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House Washing

Your home is your castle, a place where you should be comfortable and safe. If you lack comfort, safety or space, or your style is not represented by your current home, it may be time to . A home power wash project can be the best way to give your lifestyle the face-lift it needs. And since your home is one of your most valued assets, you do not want to have just anyone wash and restore it

Roof Cleaning

Neglecting to properly clean your roof while the elements accumulate can lead to costly repairs in just a few years.  Reclaim the look of a new roof by allowing us to apply the latest techniques in home exterior washing.

Window Washing

Each window washing project begins and ends with real people. Our team is highly professional, trustworthy, and makes every effort to respect your home while carrying out work.  We want you to have the peace of mind that your home and the belongings inside are safe from damage and disappearance.

Deck Cleaning

Reviving the centerpiece of your backyard is as giving us a call today.  We thoroughly clean both wood and composite decking with safe materials that won’t endanger your family or pets.

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