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Pressure Washing with a “Smart” Twist

We call it “soft wash” and this system is rapidly emerging as the absolute best way to wash your home, roof, pool areas, vinyl fences, and even decks and concrete patios and driveways of the plethora of organic material that seems to accumulate year after year.

As Bloomington’s premiere provider of soft wash services, we have the experience and integrity needed to make your home or other exterior feature look like a million bucks.  No, not quite brand new but the far majority of our customers are simply blown away by the quality of the quick “upgrade” that we perform in a relatively short matter of time.  Certainly, times have changed and so has technology, even that within the cleaning service industries.  Pressure washing, though effective, is more time consuming and increases the chances that your home gets damaged during the service performance.  In contrast, our soft wash system outshines your average pressure washing/power washing rigs because of the smart combination of product that we use.


What’s the Difference?

Pressure washers can accomplish a lot when used correctly.  However, because of the abrasive process (2500-4000 psi) used to blast dirt and algae off of surfaces, they aren’t always safe for all surfaces.  Used improperly, pressure washers can do a number on your home including:  damaging vinyl siding, strip paint, tear window screens, break seals in insulated glass, and cause oxidization staining on your home’s exterior

The soft wash system is a detergent-based process similar to what you might use on the inside of your home.  We use a gentle pressure, less than 100 p.s.i. that gently cleans dirt and effectively kills algae and thriving bacteria on your home…as opposed to just blasting it away. A strong word of caution here:  you should NEVER USE A PRESSURE WASHER TO CLEAN AN ASPHALT SHINGLE ROOF! Pressure washing will remove the fiberglass granules and void your shingle warranty.

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