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The Ugly Black Streaks On Your Roof Aren’t Dirt.  It’S Bacteria!!!

Welcome to The Soft Wash Pro!

Scores of homeowners deal with a similar problem every year:  Choosing to not wash your home regularly allows mildew, mold, scum, dirt and a host of other elements to paint your siding or roof with their own natural type of splendor. Even more important than the daily, unsightly blot on your home’s beauty and curb appeal, the buildup of such film will eventually take away from your Indianapolis home’s market value.

Indy Pressure Wash service has a fast, innovative and affordable solution to regenerating the appeal of your abode’s exterior: We employ a safe, specialized “Soft Wash” House Washing process replete with the necessary tool.  This process is perfect for all types of siding surfaces including vinyl, aluminum, stucco, brick, cedar, various types of wood and concrete. The techniques we use include applying our blend of bio-degradable cleansing agents that remove contaminants from your exteriors gently and safely while inhibiting future buildup of such types of unwanted growth and accumulation.

Don’t let another day go by living in a dirty house!  Indy Pressure Wash’s “Soft Wash” House Washing services are ideal for any type of siding, decking, roof material, or driveway.  

We can also use our expertise to clean your windows!

The pros at Indy Pressure Wash can bring the best out in your home as well as help prevent costly siding repair bills that are the result of neglect.

Save the Cost of Roof Replacement at a Low Price

“Doing the Math,” clearly shows that Roof Cleaning is only a fraction of what it would cost to have to pay for roof replacement.  On the other side of the coin, don’t jump the gun on premature roof replacement either.   The roof cleaning system that we use can stave off costly repair and renew the gleam of your home exterior.  The professionals at Indy Pressure Wash can upgrade your home’s shingles to “like new” condition for much less than the cost of a new roof!

Deck Washing:  Not a Problem!

Decks can and often do pose a unique set of cleaning problems:  While many composite deck sysems claim to be “maintenance-free”, many have discovered that the opposite is true.  Algae, mold, dirt, grime and goodness knows what else that is under your deck, builds up on the deck surface.  Eventually, the once glamorous deck that you had built to embrace your landscaped backyard, fades and begins to morph into “shabby!”

Indy Pressure Wash can bring the life back to your deck’s natural wooden beauty! Our deck cleaning service includes a thorough wash, utilizing our proven cleaning detergents that kill and remove all surface film, dirt, dust and organisms. This procedure will lift away the ugly buildup accumulating on your surroundings to reveal a lively, refreshed looking composite or wood deck.

There are shocking numbers of homeowners who continue to waste tens upon thousands of dollars to deal with problems like these:  Unsightly black streaks with the occassional moss patch on your shingle roof looks plain awful!  There just is no other way to say it and your neighbors most certainly won’t.  This type of roof decoration isn’t organic, trendy or otherwise, it’s actually an algae growth known as gloeocapsa magma.  It eats away at the limestone filler in your shingles, then proceeds to absorb moisture, eventually preventing your shingle’s ability to naturally dry after rain or snow.  And though there is no need to say it, neglecting the cleaning of your roof significantly reduces the lifespan of your roof!

Leave it to us to make your roof look new again. Our exclusive low pressure “Soft Wash” roof cleaning service leads off with an application of algaecide to your roof.  This treatment begins killing and neutralizing the unsightly algae. A second application ensures it is completely eliminated. Each application contains a “secret sauce ” special additive which inhibits future growth and ensures that your roof will look newer and even better than that is it will last longer.

We serve all of Indianapolis and the county.  Including:  Marion, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Shelby, Hancock, Madison County, Hamilton and Boone.


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They are extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable

The team was quick to respond to my call and did a great job. They were able to fix my concerns and, when they realized the job was larger than initially thought, they made sure it was done well and at a fair price. While on the job, the owner was also kind enough to address some smaller issues inside my home (shaky banister) for which he charged me minimally. When working with them, I feel secure that I am not getting taken advantage of and that I am receiving quality service.

Laura Moya              October 2017Reviews

Absolutely Exceptional!

Fred and his team did an excellent job and completed our project quickly and for a great price. We would absolutely hire them again for any project. We can’t wait to use our new deck this summer, thank you!  Renee Doolittle     June 2017 Reviews

Professional, experienced, and determined

We had some wind damage in which parts of our siding came off. I did call other places for estimates as well.
Fred however, came out after 5p.m. that same day I called him. So I’m thinking “Wow, this guy is dedicated.” I was right. Fred did an excellent job on what was needed. He took our bent siding plus we had extra material from when the siding was first installed many years ago, and made it all look great. We were also concerned about our roof but he reassured us it was still sound. Such a great job that he is my guy to go to for any other projects we will have.
  Marian Holden     January 2017

Why choose us?

With ten years of experience as a contractor in the Indianapolis area and neighboring counties, we have gained the necessary experience in dealing with everything having to do with the overall health and structural integrity around your roof.  We very much look forward to revitalizing your home and its surrounding areas with pressure washing services that are kind to your home and your budget.


It’s not solely our 5 star rating with Google or our multiple reviews on Angie’s List and Home Advisor.  Not the hundreds of delighted customers for whom we’ve completed various contractor services for year after year.  It is also very much the fact that we believe in treating your home as if it were our own.  We understand the type of quality service you expect.  Learn what other customers have had to say about us by clicking here.


We show up on time with a team that is revved up to do our best.  And as always, we trycompliment your at work and home schedule when it’s necessary.


Whether it’s increasing the effectiveness our mobile wash systems or looking further into the highest quality detergent mixtures , we we constantly try to meet and surpass the standards that our customers set for us.

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